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of women have experienced physical or sexual violence on a global scale. These are only the reported figures. Sexual harassment and assault is one of the most underreported crimes worldwide.

United Nations

of women reported being followed while out in public. Sexual harassment and assault of women is a global epidemic that like any disease needs to be eradicated.

Cornell University, 2015

of German women take alternative routes home in fear of being met with some form of harassment.

Cornell University, 2015

How it works

Safe Places & Local Responders

We have partnered up with local businesses and safe havens to create safe spaces all around Berlin which you can access when you first have an uneasy feeling of being unsafe. These Safe Spaces can also be a meeting point for our verified local responders and police so you are protected as quickly as possible. Our local responders can come to you at anytime and anywhere you are.

Never be alone

Our nitehero team is always there for you when you feel alone or need support.​

Add Friends & Family

You can add your selected friends and family to your network. Let them know you are safe and make sure your loved ones are too.

Free to use

We built this app for YOU! That means no costs and no liabilities.

We are committed to

Empowering women by giving them the tools they need to live a life without limitations or fear all in the palm of their hands. ​

Not be another bystander or put a bandaid on sexual harassment and assault of women in public.

Not allowing another woman to become another statistic. Take an active approach to ensure women’s rights to their safety in public are met.

About us

nitehero was born from the need of making women feel safe, protected and most importantly live their lives without limitations. Why should men only enjoy the freedoms of not always being on high alert when walking home? Why are women forced to seek out alternative routes, finish work at a certain time or constantly be on alert just so they can get home safely. Get home without being sexually harassed, assaulted or worse.

Women are mothers, sisters, friends, lovers, the pioneers, the innovators, the creatives, the rebels, the heroes.

Our heroes. We are nitehero.

We are not just another app


We aim to eradicate the notion that women are just the nurturers and victims. We empower women to be the engineer, the doctor, the scientist, the whom ever she wants to be. A strong leader!

We believe education is the forefront of our battle against sexual harassment and assault. It is one thing to provide security and safety, but we need to aim at the root of the problem.

Berlin is just the beginning. We are expanding globally ensuring women on all continents enjoy their rights to feel safe. Pre-register and let us know where you want us next. | Impressum |  Black Forest Lifestyle 2019 © All rights reserved