nitehero has launched the testing phase

We’ve been busily building this app for you Berlin, and are more than excited to finally have you test it out. 

What's waiting for you

During this stage of the app we want to know if the Safe Spaces we’ve set up work for you. What ever time of day or night it is if you ever feel unsafe, just open your nitehero app and the closest Safe Spaces around your location will appear in the app. Certified Safe Spaces have the nitehero badge sticker in the window. 


With our friends and family function you can share your location with your loved ones to let them know if you feel insecure. In addition, you can also use our `Never be alone` feature, that allows you to call one of our highly trained team members for support at any time you feel unsafe.

*The nitehero test version of the iOS app requires the additional download of the „TestFlight“ app. After clicking the Appstore button, you will be taken through all necessary steps.

We have set up a Facebook Group where you can let us know your thoughts and interactions with the app, if there are any bugs, any suggestions you may have and also for us to reach out to you about some of the events and releases coming your way!

We hope you are just as excited as we are to take back Berlin one woman at a time! | Impressum |  Black Forest Lifestyle 2019 © All rights reserved